Managing for Results

Tasks, Resources and Time are dependent upon each other. This interaction is an eternal triangle and creates bottlenecks thus controls the way the organization performs. The effect impacts operating cost, resource efficiency, and delivery performance. Having the capability to improve profit velocity through leveraging results is by identifying and managing the constraints of the eternal triangle with Critical Chain. It is your competitive advantage.

By using Critical Chain you will have the tools to design adaptive and agile strategies that deliver results.  Providing your Managers with the key information and reports to bring together collaboration amongst team members such that they will have the focus for delivering exceptional performance.

The system will provide you with a strategy taking full account of the tasks, resources and time, it provides a clear direction to improve, with the lowest cost and an optimized way to deliver your business goal.

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US Navy success with Critical Chain...

The 'inventors' of project management have embraced the optimal solution for managing project uncertainty, Critical Chain Project Management.

They have proven that by applying Critical Chain project management there is a fundamental improvement over their past approach! Results demonstrate that Critical Chain project management effectively addressed their core issues of why projects were routinely delivered late or over budget.

Using Critical Chain they:

View a video clip of the success story in the rollout of Critical Chain Project Management combimed with Lean Principles at the US Navy.

With these Tools you can deliver:

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Used in both small and large organisations.

  • It’s easier to use,
  • schedules are shorter,
  • with increased safety,
  • administration is reduced and
  • your attention is focused to what really counts.

Numerous case studies show how the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Critical Chain Project Management make a substantial difference. Click here for a few case studies.