Critical Chain the Solution

A common question: How is Critical Chain different?

But before I look at that I'd just like to point out that Critical Chain Management is not intended to replace good project management practices and techniques. These approaches are a significant addition to the toolset of managers.  Like any good professional you need to know how and when to use your tools for best effect.  Those that have mastered these tools report a significant breakthrough in business performance.

The best way to describe the mechanical difference between Critical Chain and alternative management techniques is in terms of outcomes. If you were to compare a Critical Chain Strategy to alternatives you would be able to acknowledge:

  1. The strategy developed far outperforms the old SWOT analysis technique
  2. The series of Objectives to be achieved are organised in such a way that hard pressed managers know what to Focus on and When. It provide a 99% to 1% Focusing Rule compared with a Pareto Analysis of 80:20 that ignores Cause and Effect.
  3. It  is reality that a Strategy's Critical Chain will genuinely represent the longest chain through the Strategic Plan taking into account Objectives that are determined to be dependent upon each other.
  4. Functions and People stop working in 'Silos' and deliver what is good for the agreed Organisational Goal as 'one team'
  5. The difference is usually major.. Cash Flow is improved, Waste is minimised, Multi Tasking and Firefighting are reduced to a absolute minimum. Directors report that they can actually sleep at night.

The downside is that at first sight the differences in this approach is often judged  to be 'too ambitious'. The old paradigm blocks the way forward and some people give up before they even open the door and take a look without their old 'sunglasses' darkening their vision.

We acknowledge that  it's difficult to provide enough information on our web site that will answer all your questions.  Without obligation, we ask that you have a conversation with us to understand your specific circumstances. Then consider with you what the possible implications of Critical Chain could be for your unique business Goal

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