Key characteristics of Critical Chain Project Management

Critical Chain has five key characteristics that enable a significantly improved project performance:

  1. Use of a synchronization mechanism to optimally schedule resources and tasks.
  2. Creation of project networks that are true structures of dependency
  3. Creation of schedules that place safety strategically at convergent points and to protect against variability along the longest chain of task and resource dependencies
  4. More effective work and management behaviours
  5. Project management and resource assignment based on relative depletion of project safety

These characteristics allow you to:

Provide a project scheduling and management process that concurrently allows significantly reduced project span times.

Significantly increasing the probability of project completing on or before schedule, within budget, and with full technical content or scope intact.

Synchronizing resource, to provide management with a means of scheduling when and how to begin new projects.

Significantly reducing project span times in a multi-project environment and revealing additional organizational project capacity.

Critical Chain buffer management provides project management the focus to make significantly better project management decisions allowing the organization  to accomplish more projects in a given time frame than the current organizational capability.