We would like to make you a proposal.

We will work with you and your team to create a strategic plan / project

During the days that we work with your team they will gain some insights into the benefits of the Critical Chain tools.  When the plan is complete you and your team will get to choose whether or not to use Critical Chain approaches to deliver your project.

You will have a critical chain project plan and the team will have had an insight into an alternative approach.

We guarantees that:

If  all the participating Directors are not in agreement with the developed Strategy then either we will provide all the additional time required and no extra expense to the company until consensus is agreed. (excluding travel and accommodation at cost) or that our invoice (excluding expenses and travel) will be waived.

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Rules of engagement

In order to successfully implement a step change /  growth strategy, Management in an organization needs to make a 'step change' often referred to as a  'paradigm shift'.

What makes this claim true?
It's common knowledge that all paradigms are based upon assumptions. These assumptions are the 'rules of engagement' . When the existing rules of engagement are not delivering the desired result, then working harder on them will only give you more of the same!

This means we have to challenge our assumptions (the rules of engagement) The assumptions shape our paradigm and our paradigm shapes our actions.   Based upon a solid foundation of research and results since the 90's it has been  identified: What paradigm to change? and What paradigm and new rules to change to?

Paradigm shifts, when they happen, happen in an instant. This moment is called the 'Light bulb' or the 'Eureka' moment.  There has been a breakthrough! Something is now possible that was impossible before!

Are you open to new ideas? Try out this small exercise. Ask your co-directors / team if they are open to new ideas? (Count the show of hands). Now ask your co-directors how many people in the team do they know that are not open to new ideas, did you notice something? what is being said about resistance to change?

So why do committed people resist change? Because, through no fault of their own, they seek the security of their comfort zone. They cannot take on a new idea until they have discovered for themselves that the old ways have reached there performance level,  and that the new method is the way to move forward!

"The empires of the future will be the empires of the mind".
- Winston Churchill, strategist and statesman

What takes the effort is overcoming our 'built in' natural resistance to change.  Only when people understand are they then capable of breaking their existing paradigm lock. then we will have a real sustainable breakthrough in strategic performance.

How is this Change achieved?

We at Critical Chain achieve this with you through a series of practical interactive training sessions that demonstrate the principles involved. Comparing one method with another, enabling you to discover how the new mode of operation will deliver your results.

Once the constraints of the current thinking have been seen there is an  imperative to change. At this point resistance to the new approach melts. Now the team, (involving all the key people) create a practical strategy for achieving the new strategy / Goal, This plan takes into account:

We guarantee that the required knowledge for the new way of working will be transferred and empower the organization to implement the plan.

In less than three months you will begin to see the benefits of improved performance and the reduction of stress in your teams.
Success stories include all types of  strategies and a wide range of organizational size.
We look forward to working with you to make a difference you will be proud of.

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