“It is the best project management philosophy and tools I have seen.”
Senior Project Manager, Procter & Gamble

"This is where Critical Chain really shined. Our old method of tracking and displaying status was excellent at identifying problem areas but it was always too late to take any significant corrective action. ... The very first project we used this approach on came in ahead of schedule. It was easier to explain to management where problems existed and get resources allocated to those problem areas in time for them to impact the schedule. Basically we stopped looking through the rear view mirror at what we had completed and started looking into the future as to how much more work was there to do. We used this approach on all following SAP projects with similar results. It certainly made a believer out of me." 
- Verizon Project Manager talking about SAP Implementation

“Our cycle time has reduced by more than 80%, and throughput increased by over 100%.” 
US Marines

View a video clip of the success story in the rollout of Critical Chain Project Management at the US Navy. - Use a high speed internet link (12 MBytes)

“Out of the first 60 projects managed with Critical Chain, 55 were completed on or before time.”

"We now guard our senior consultants jealously to ensure their availability is not wasted by unnecessary international travel between clients. Designated as "drum resources" these senior consultants are carefully shepherded between projects and assignments.  Not too hard if you are using Critical Chain project management the way we do." - Cognita - Leading independent IT solutions company.

“Given the project-driven nature of our growth, Critical Chain is a strategic tool for the CEO. ”
Tessco Technologies

"We found an additional 60% capacity without hiring any additional people, we are doing twice as many projects and finishing them on time."
"Job satisfaction is up and stress levels are down."
Bob Morrison, IS manager for Lord Corporation

"Project performance has gone from less than 20% to greater than 70% of projects delivered on time and to original scope."
Radianz - Global network services company - Director of Business Planning