FT Acknowledges Critical Chain

The Financial Times - Prentice Hall prides itself on bringing cutting edge thinking and best learning practice to a global market. It acknowledges the competitive advantage gained from the use of Critical Chain through the publication of  a book on the Critical Chain approach to project management.  "The Definitive Guide to Project Management" endorses Critical Chain approaches as the best way to manage projects and resources in order to bring them in on time, to budget and scope.

This Financial Times publication confirms that Critical Chain Project Management approaches are the breakthrough we have all been waiting for in a world that has grown use to project failure!

Critical Chain was evolved by Dr E M Goldratt from his original work on Synchronous manufacturing. The research was published in the world best selling book "The Goal" acclaimed by the Times Business Book Survey as the only Management Book they is actually read cover to cover.  

Critical Chain is no secret to some of the best-known companies in the world. They have already discovered the magnitude of the results, the advantages, performance and ease-of-use of integrated critical chain software tools. It has been adopted by leading organisations such as Harris Semiconductor, Lucent Technologies, NASA, US Defense Industry, Balfour Beatty, Intel, Seagate, Procter & Gamble and Callaway Golf.  In todays competative world, it is refreshing that, not everybody is resigned to live with the difficulties of the traditional project approaches. These organisations have achieved outstanding success with their application of Critical Chain Project Management.

Critical Chain Ltd

Critical Chain Ltd works with organisations to implement and transfer to their teams the tools and skills for leading edge approach to project management that has been proven to deliver substantially improved results over and beyond that of the thirty-year old critical path approach.

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